Our values:

• Ethical integrity and impartiality in our consulting service.
• Respect for each individual. Cooperation, teamwork and solidarity in order to optimize the service efficiency.
• Clearness and knowledge sharing.

Our aims:

• To provide the best solution for the Client and to safeguard, at the same time, the interests of Client’s stakeholders.
• To supply the Client and its stakeholders with a high surplus value.
• To preserve tool’s credibility, by acting in a straightforward and effective manner.
• To play a part in the diffusion of sustainable and CRS-oriented behaviours and culture.
• To provide an excellent service to the Client, both in terms of quality and effectiveness, by means of individual professional efficiency and teamwork active cooperation.

Our identity springs from the union of our values and our aims:

BilanciaRSI is a structure based on a wide-ranging network of professionals, operating in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability issues.
BilanciaRSI is the best partner for every Organization which wants to build up an enduring sustainable value, as it provides a complete range of services to this end.
BilanciaRSI supports Organizations in managing new social-environmental metrics, essential to compete and crucial to respond to market and Institutions pressure.